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Meet The Team 

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Leanne Learoyd

Leanne, the visionary behind Homestretch Pilates and Pure Pilates Mosman, boasts over two decades of experience in the fitness realm. Her ethos is straightforward: offering tailored, client-centric services within an intimate setting. Holding certifications as a Stott Pilates Instructor in Mat and Reformer Pilates, Studio Equipment Pilates, and specialised courses in Injuries and Special Populations, along with Functional Anatomy, she also holds a Cert IV Personal Trainer credential. Leanne's distinctiveness lies in her vibrant, comprehensive approach to health, fitness, and overall well-being, a quality affirmed by clients from diverse backgrounds.


Mel is a Polestar Pilates certified instructor with a passion for making Pilates accessible to everyone. She believes that Pilates can help increase strength, flexibility, and balance for people of all ages and fitness levels. In addition to her Pilates qualifications, Mel enjoys trail running and ocean swimming.







Myke, a Physiotherapy graduate and former Personal Trainer, discovered the benefits of Pilates and decided to become a pilates teacher. With over 10 years of experience teaching in countries such as Denmark, Maldives, Thailand, and Singapore, Myke has completed 500-hour Comprehensive pilates training with Balanced Body and is a Prenatal and Postnatal Specialist with Centre for Women's Fitness. He has also undergone golf fitness specialisation with the Titleist Performance Institute.


Brittne is a highly experienced Pilates instructor who fell in love with Pilates early on. She has trained in various physio clinics and studios in different locations and completed professional training with Stott and Polestar Pilates. Her goal is to help others heal and feel strong and confident through Pilates. When not in the studio, she enjoys an active lifestyle with her two boys and loves ocean swimming, sailing, and skiing.


Vivian's passion is Pilates. Vivian studied Physiotherapy, and was certified by both Polestar Education and Power Pilates in Miami. Upon returning to Australia from working in the USA, Viv has continued teaching and growing as an instructor in the industry. Her major goals are always to challenge, motivate, and inspire clients through the Pilates Method of movement. Vivian believes that movement heals and she is excited to educate both the fitness community and rehabilitation clientele of Pure Pilates Mosman. 






Wany embarked on her fitness journey in Singapore back in 2009, specializing in Pilates. She holds certifications in both STOTT and Balanced Body Pilates, as well as being an ACE Personal Trainer and pre/post-natal trained.

Wany's passion for movement and healing has led her to collaborate with physiotherapists and continuously seek knowledge in these areas. She derives immense satisfaction in assisting others to achieve their fitness goals, celebrate their progress, and ultimately, lead pain-free lives.

When not guiding clients in the studio, Wany can be found lifting weights at the gym, acquiring new skills or simply savouring a cup of coffee or bubble tea.

Ellie found her passion in Pilates several years ago, after struggling to find an exercise ‘routine’ that didn’t feel just like that.. a routine. Enter Pilates - a full body sculpt, the mindful pilates burn, music to float away to and a few giggles along the way, is exactly what you’ll find in all of Ellie’s classes, leaving you feeling taller, breathing easier and loving your daily workout.

Ellie has been a Pilates instructor for a number of years, initially qualified through Studio Pilates and continues to up skill with PITC to bring fresh ideas into the studio, ensuring she can continue to see her clients through the many stages of life.



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Toneya is a certified Pilates and dance instructor with a deep passion for movement. With 13 years of teaching experience and professional performance since 2014, she holds a Diploma in Performing Arts (Dance) from ED5 International and a Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies from the Royal Academy of Dance. Introduced to Pilates during her classical training at Ecole Ballet and Dance Theatre in 2009, Toneya finds joy in helping others discover strength, mobility, and connection through Pilates. She prides herself on tailoring sessions to individual needs, regardless of age or ability, and is dedicated to continual learning and growth in the art of Pilates.

Kayley found her love for pilates after moving to Sydney from New Zealand.  Trialling out numerous different ways to keep active from the gym to yoga but really noticed a difference with pilates that left her feeling & looking great, mentally & physically.


Kayley got her diploma through Body Mind Life and has recently started with Pure Pilates Mosman after being a client herself.  She brings her bubbly personality & energy to every class, with the aim to make everyone feel challenged & ready for the day.



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